Curious about our sexy voice girl? Well, you've come to the right place! Or here are some other photos .

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Sexy Voice Girl made her Limited Appeal debut on episode Somewhat Oiled Machine Download
Name: Jennifer (AKA Sexy Voice Girl)
Jennie-Pie, Jennie-Pie-Cake, Cake, Pie, or Yummy ;)
Greatest Asset:Boobs
What I like best about me:My boobs.
Favorite color:Pink
Born in:Barrie, Ontario
Places i have lived in the last 6 years: Saskatoon, Lloydminster, Calgary, Lloydminster, Edmonton... and coming soon to... _____________.
Hobbies:dancing, singing, drinking red wine and thinking i can dance and sing, and i rule at thumb wars.
My pick up line:"wanna make out?" plain, simple, straight to the point, AND almost 100% successful (T-bone shut me down)
Occupation: RDA (I play in peoples' mouths all day and sometimes take pictures.)
Dislikes:Mullets and grasshoppers.

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