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Here's what other people have said about Limited Appeal:
"I've been listening to your show since about 2007, and to this day you're still fucking hilarious."
"Listening to your podcasts is much better than reading about gum disease!! I meant that in the nicest way possible."

"How? HOW can four grown men expend so much air discussing the difference between a cupcake and a muffin AND yet it still be completely compelling listening. If only such issues were so passionately debated in the halls of government. I didn't want it to end- I wondered what WAS going to trip out of their mouths next. There is a lot of crap for sure- but it's like panning for gold-sometimes there is a nugget that makes you laugh so hard you wonder where you can get hold of those adult diapers that NASA gives to their astronauts."
Note: This is referring to episode Listen now! Muffcake.

"OMG OMG- had to pull over while driving.... It's hurts...laughing too much...Gayland??? The land for nazi persecuted homosexuals...'there would be lots of tourism because people would go there to get their hair done....and buy shoes'.... Oh god I can't breathe.... So simple it's genius."
Note: This is referring to episode Listen now! Making Gay Amends.

"You guys are fucking funny. You are all very funny... Thank you for your time."
>> Stephen/Gemma, the answer to your question is "Halo" by Haley James Scott.

"You are all fucking genius's. You guys made my almost die from laughter."
"Some parts were laugh out loud funny."
"Holy Shite, you Gents are Great!"
"That Daily Show guy Jon Stewart totally ripped off your segment ETWTF when he wrote his book entitled "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Presents Earth (The Book): A Visitor's Guide to the Human Race.". I think that guy deserves some kind of ultimatum."
"Keep up the craziness!"
"The only thing that's better about the Ricky Gervais show is that they've got better microphones."
"The content of your episodes proposed by Limited Appeal uses an abundance of coarse language. For the moment we are not able to inform our users on this and that is why this podcast was evaluated as being inappropriate for the target public of"
"You're trendsetters and ... I've been informed by Nielsen and Arbitron that fed-up with rerun TV viewers have been funneling to your show..."
"I F-in Love you guys!..Grazie!, for the laughs...You lads are hilarious!"
"I listened to the Golden Girls episode, and I laughed. Plus I liked hearing the Fraggle Rock music so that was fun :)"
Note: This is referring to episode Listen now! Ass Doozers.
"i'm stoned and i'm listening to the Listen now! manboob episode. i am laughing so much that my stomach hurts. the launchpad shit was awesome."
"My lawyers have advised me to kick you in the balls and to sue you for 32 billion dollars for lost future income and emotional harm."
"Waiting for you podcast to download, can't wait to find out if your scrotum has lungs!!" Note: This is referring to episode Listen now! Maple Hoofs.
"I want the minutes of my life that I spent listening to your podcast back!"
"i listened to your Listen now! turtle mistake was to eat while i listened. Biting in to an apple then you talk about biting other things.. an apple isn't something you can put aside to finish later."
"I’ve never held a standard of proof for the existence of god before, but if I inexplicably wind up with a popsicle, I'll believe."
Note: This is referring to episode Listen now! Breathmint Boogie.
"I think you sick bastards must be totally drunk when you record this show. You say things that are completely ludacris, your opinions are uneducated, and it's like you're just recording miscellaneous bullshit. I can't believe you take time out of your day to actually record this nonsense."
"I love how smart I get from listening to you guys."
"I listened to your Listen now! second podcast today hoping it would help me gain insight into the meaning of life, boy was I wrong! I found most of the discussion irritating and pointless."
"I am pleasantly surprised..."
"I just listened, very funny ... I'm going to have to listen to more."
"You guys are a bunch of ass clowns."
"Your show stinks even worse than before."
"Your podcasts are foooking hilarious!"
"...what a bunch of idiosyncratic banters!"
"I just love the random lunacy and idiotic comments..."
"Hello you sexy bitches..."
"Im into the podcast."
"very funny..."
"I am willing to offer you $1,600,000(One Million Six Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) for your effort input after the successful transfer of this money and investment..."
NOTE: Luc suspects this might be spam, but it looks authentic to me.
"hey cutie, whats up? you look so hot in your pics, i just got a new webcam, you should help me test it out ... you can tell me what to do, i love a man in control!
i been on this other site that lets me use it, come join ...i'll be on my account"
NOTE: Again Luc is suspicious, but this one's gotta be true!


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