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What's a podcast?

Brand new to podcasts? Here are some hopefully helpful tips to get you initiated. If you have any specific questions, please email us at

Our podcasts are audio files in mp3 format.

How to listen to an mp3 file

Listen now! Limited Appeal Promo
  1. Click on the image above. The promo should begin playing immediately.

  2. If that didn't work, then click on the words "Limited Appeal Promo". This accesses the mp3 file directly.

  3. If that didn't work either, you might not have the correct plug-in for your browser. No worries though. Simply right-click on the words "Limited Appeal Promo", and select "Save Target As..." or "Save Link As...". This will save the mp3 file to your computer. Then you can open it directly from your computer.

How to listen to our podcasts

Limited AppealNow that you know how to listen to an mp3 file, you can browse our list of episodes on this website, and listen to them or download them directly.

How to subscribe to our podcasts

If you would like to listen to our most recent podcasts whenever we release them, you can subscribe to our podcast.

Use the following URL and the subscribe feature of your podcasting software (e.g. Apple iTunes, iPodder, etc.) to subscribe to our podcast:

If you have iTunes installed on your computer, then you can use this link to subscribe:

Still lost?

If none of this made sense to you, but you would still like to listen to our podcast, you should probably email us and we'll give you better instructions.