Some additional photos for your enjoyment...

A shot from our second ever face-to-face recording
Sexy Voice Girl joining in on the fun
T-bone chillin' with Sexy Voice Girl
Our first ever face-to-face recording
A heated debate
T-bone's mustard collection, as discussed in Episode 6.
This cow is clearly going to do something bad.
Hard to believe that a Triangle Square Blue already existed.
This is how our website rated on the ol' Cuss-o-meter.
Cat decision tree
Montana's what-house??
I'm surprised they bothered making a sign
I'm scared to think what her maiden name is
Listen to our review of this book on episode Interviews with Toast
Senhor Testiculo, as discussed in episode Mr. Butterballs
When we're not podcasting, we like to spend time at the luge track. Listen to our luge discussion in episode No respect for the double luge.
A great photo of John "roping his calf"
Back in our lounge singing days...
Luc would have made an excellent beardless Gandalf
Here is an idea for the Wachowskis
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