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Our most downloaded episodes of all time.
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Our least downloaded episodes of all time. Give them some love!
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Tried and true episodes to get you in the mood.

Recurring themes

Pour yourself a tall one and listen to some alcohol fueled episodes.
Urban legends
Listen to some new urban legends.
Try this out to get your fill of Canadian content. The CRTC would be proud.
"Have you ever heard of Plato, Aristotle, Socrates? Morons."
'Tis the season. Hear us explore Tedmas, Halloween, Christmas, and others.
Must love dogs. Or I guess you could hate-listen.
Live face-to-face recordings. Usually our best work.
Poop talk
It's low brow, but it's still funny... at least to us.
If you want to be offended, give this one a try.


What am I eating?
The contest that keeps going and going...
Who's that bird?
New Zealand edition. The one that started it all.
Who's that bird?
African edition. Guess a frickin' bird.
Who's that bird?
Non-bird edition. A contest about birds that are not birds.
Who's that word?
Competitive eating edition.
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