Sexy Voice Girl

Curious about our sexy voice girl? Well, you've come to the right place!

Jennifer (AKA Sexy Voice Girl)
Jennie-Pie, Jennie-Pie-Cake, Cake, Pie, or Yummy ;)
Greatest Asset
What I like best about me
My boobs.
Favorite color
Born in
Barrie, Ontario
Places i have lived in the last 6 years
Saskatoon, Lloydminster, Calgary, Lloydminster, Edmonton... and coming soon to... _____________.
dancing, singing, drinking red wine and thinking i can dance and sing, and i rule at thumb wars.
My pick up line
"wanna make out?" plain, simple, straight to the point, AND almost 100% successful (T-bone shut me down)
RDA (I play in peoples' mouths all day and sometimes take pictures.)
Mullets and grasshoppers.

Sexy Voice Girl made her Limited Appeal debut on episode Somewhat Oiled Machine.

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