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May 3, 2024. See what you think about episode Half title. It is at least half good.
Mar 28, 2024. Episode Bingity Bing Bing Poop Sneeze is now ready for listening. Take that, Bing!
Jan 26, 2024. Listen to episode Def Bird 2000. We like it.
Nov 10, 2023. Episode Celebrity tits: the movie is now ready for listening.
Jul 14, 2023. You've waited, and here it is: Animal MMA Part 2Yep...
Mar 28, 2023. This is what you have all been waiting for: Animal MMA Part 1. Please listen to with caution.
Dec 6, 2022. After an unnecessarily long absence, episode Holy Straw, Batman is now ready for listening.
Apr 8, 2022. Does anyone know Why are we here? You can listen to this episode to find out the answer!
Nov 9, 2021. Get ready for The most amazing... contest... in the world. It's amazing and a contest.
Aug 18, 2021. Get excited for Boring stuff and centaurs and shit!
Mar 4, 2021. On to season 15! Here is episode A New Ballpark.
Jan 30, 2021. Here is the final episode of season 14. It's called Charlie Farkas. How are things, Charlie?
Dec 22, 2020. Continue to stay safe and listen to Shtoop the help, it's Christmas. It will change your mind about Christmas.
May 2, 2020. Stay safe and listen to That is so Takis. It shouldn't harm you.
Mar 31, 2020. We've advanced to season 14 in this changed world. Please listen to My Corona. Hopefully you will enjoy it.
Aug 19, 2019. Get ready for That Nice Warm Feeling Around the Bum. It'll keep you going.
Jun 20, 2019. Season 13 begins! Get ready for a Southern Nostril on a Northern Honk-Honk. It's surprising and refreshing. And check out the final standings of Who's that bird? Non-bird edition.
Feb 8, 2019. Two finger food, Two finger food. One of those is the name of our current episode. Listen and learn and laugh and enjoy.
Jun 29, 2018. Welcome to episode Neck bag. Lovely.
May 15, 2018. Welcome to our Party nonoffice! It's guaranteed to be one wild ride...
Feb 9, 2018. We are so excited to present this new episode: Bzzz... ow! You might be surprised at how good it is. Or how bad it is. Either way, you'll be surprised.
Dec 12, 2017. This is our annual Tedmas show: Check out Ted's Obliquessss! It is layered, clever, and influential. And that's it.
Oct 12, 2017. Here are The New York GrapeNuts! Enjoy, but in an innocent way.
Jul 6, 2017. We took a break, and now we unprovacatively back with our new episode Unprovocaté. Hopefully it won't be too arousing.
Apr 7, 2017. Did you know that I'm soaking in it? Well I am. And you should too.
Feb 1, 2017. After several episodes where he referred to The peanut butter loophole, this is the episode that explains it all. It may or may not be satisfying to you.
Dec 13, 2016. It's Christmas / Tedmas / Shedmas time again! To celebrate, we present to you Shitting snowflakes. It's even better than it sounds.
Nov 2, 2016. Welcome to episode Bollygolia! In our next episode, we will explain the peanut butter loophole that we like to reference.
Sep 16, 2016. After another long break, here is our latest episode: Chewy Keyboard. It features another turn of "What am I eating?" So, you're welcome, Josh.
Jun 16, 2016. We made it to Season 11! We kick this season off with That's a lot of mouth stuff. Because it's a lot of mouth stuff.
Apr 1, 2016. Happy April Fools Day. To celebrate, we have our new episode: A toast to pointy wieners and trampoline. It's not a prank, but we think it's funny.
Dec 18, 2015. Happy holidays, everyone! Holiday burger is this year's Tedmas show. Enjoy!
Nov 24, 2015. Play along with the next round of our popular contest: Who's that non-chicken, bird edition. It will be magical.
Sep 2, 2015. Here is our sort of unnamed episode: Dot MP3. And it's just in time for back to school.
Jul 22, 2015. Be prepared for Extinction: Hiccup Extinction::. But don't pronounce the colons.
Jun 26, 2015. Well Hello Jerry. That's the name of the episode. Listen to find out why.
May 7, 2015. Get ready for the Pineapple Show Hype Show. It's hype! And pineappley. And buy Faith No More's new album if you are interested.
Apr 1, 2015. Can you believe we reached season 10? And we're doing it with Borneophobia. Don't be afraid.
Mar 3, 2015. Our next episode asks this question: What's the one thing Google does not have an answer for, when you search for it? Listen to find out the answer.
Jan 16, 2015. How about some Motivational sneakers to start the new year? We introduce a new a href="extras/urbanlegends.html">urban legend about Steve Nash!
Dec 17, 2014. Merry Tedmas everyone! Here is our annual festive show: Let Ted poke you with something else.
Nov 26, 2014. Would you Let me poke you with something? I don't blame you. But listen to this horny episode anyway.
Nov 20, 2014. We've made some changes to our website to make it easier for you tablets users. Feel free to send us some feedback about our new design.
Oct 28, 2014. Did you know I can't believe it's not butter? Because I can't. But listen to this show damnit.
Sep 18, 2014. It's happening! The start of round 3 of What Am I Eating? in our new episode: Eat, Drink and Toast Mexicans. Check our contests page for the latest standings.
Aug 5, 2014. Against all odds, we did it! We made another episode. It's called Just Joshing You. Enjoy it with a glass of milk.
Jun 13, 2014. Welcome to The Great Tea/Soup Debate! Be prepared to have your mind blown... maybe.
May 15, 2014. After another unnecessarily long wait, here is our next episode. It's called Habitual Urining. It's better than the title sounds.
Mar 20, 2014. Welcome to season 9! We start off with episode Don't f#*k with the pigs (and other buggery)! Enjoy.
Feb 7, 2014. Sit down and enjoy Mr. Butterballs. He will be glad you did.
Dec 17, 2013. Merry shedmas or whatever holiday you celebrate. And listen to our holiday episode called Venereal solstice: a Tedmas Miracle. It will bring cheer to your belly and other parts.
Dec 2, 2013. Get ready for The Ultimate Bagpipery. Unless there are more after this one. Listen and that statement will make more sense.
Oct 28, 2013. Let's Keep on paintballing in the first world. Or listen to the episode of the same name.
Sep 20, 2013. This episode is called Slippin' you some valium. You may or may not need some once you are finished listening.
Aug 21, 2013. Welcome to Safe words, surrogates, and Schwarzenegger. Listen to find out what these things have in common. Or don't. Whatever.
Jul 22, 2013. After an accidentally long delay, we've come back "strong" with a new episode: Boomshakalak! Enjoy as you would with anything else that is pretty good.
May 22, 2013. This is A perverted mindfuck of neckwear. So put on a neck-hat, and get ready to listen.
Apr 9, 2013. Get ready for Asswipings: the marathon. It's not as long as it sounds.
Mar 1, 2013. Welcome to season 8! It's great. We start off the new season with a salute to Scotland in episode HHHHWWWWAAEEEIINNNNNGGHHHHHHH!!!!
Jan 28, 2013. Get ready for Boobs for Bobo! That is all I have to say.
Dec 19, 2012. Merry Tedmas, everyone! We present to you episode Bird Pie. This year's "Christmas" special features a special edition of Who's that Bird? Enjoy and have a wonderful holiday.
Dec 5, 2012. It's not classy, but here are The Assey Wonders of Wunderbar. Listen and be amazed. Next up: Our Christmas special.
Nov 9, 2012. We have The Quebec Solution! If only we knew what the problem was... Oh well, listen anyway.
Oct 1, 2012. Please tell me What can be said about farts and bees? If you'd really like to know, then listen to the episode!
Aug 21, 2012. Here is an episode for all you adverb-o-philes or pizza lovers. But that's it. It's episode Of, pertaining to, stuffed crusts (in poetry form).
Jul 13, 2012. Get ready to Push! Or just listen to the episode. It's called "Push."
Jun 7, 2012. We've prepared long and hard for our special ladies' edition. It's called Snowboobs. So I hope all the ladies enjoy it.
Apr 19, 2012. After an unintended delay, here is our new episode: Now stuffed with Macaroni (Part 2). And I think it's stuffed with macaroni.
Mar 2, 2012. We made it to Season 7! And we start off the new season with Warren's Shitty Feelings. Don't worry, it sounds better than ... sounds.
Jan 29, 2012. The last episode of season 6 is Matlock and meringue pies. Makes sense, don't you think?
Jan 11, 2012. Forget about the other 39, get ready for The Lone Thieve. He is lonely.
You can see the final results of Who's That Bird? A frickin' edition.
Dec 9, 2011. It's our annual Christmas special: Tedmas is born again! Please enjoy responsibly and festively.
Nov 29, 2011. Here is the new episode: Ali Baba strikes back! Might be a good one, so you better listen.
Oct 14, 2011. You've tried part one, and now here is Cocktail Video Dance Party Part II for your listening enjoyment. LETTUCE AND TOMATOES!!
Sep 12, 2011. Grab a drink and listen to our Cocktail Band Party (not the video game) Part 1. Yummy (part 1).
Aug 8, 2011. Sit! BooBoo, Sit! Good Bird! I don't know what else to add to that. Just listen to the episode.
Jul 4, 2011. Here is The Chinese Solution. We rebuke and denounce ourselves, but listen anyway.
Jun 10, 2011. Oh no! There's a dog up your skirt! So you better listen to the episode.
May 17, 2011. Wow! She's one strange bird. But she's worth a listen. While you're at it, check out the latest standings in our "Who's that bird?" contest.
Apr 6, 2011. Oh look! Here Comes the Bowser. Listen to the episode if you want this to make sense.
Mar 10, 2011. Welcome to Season 6! We start the new season with episode Umm. That's the best we could come up with.
Feb 9, 2011. Hey! Get your ears ready to listen to your balls! Yep, you read that right.
Jan 12, 2011. Can you smell the Stinky Thirties? No? Well, you can listen to them instead.
Dec 8, 2010. Merry Christmas, everyone! Please bask in holiday spirit by listening to Aah Christmas Show. And then rebuke and denounce yourself.
Nov 15, 2010. I think My duck senses are tingling. Yep, they are. And that's the name of our new episode. So listen.
Oct 24, 2010. Did you know that That's not a wood pecker, Johnny? No? Well then you better listen to the episode. And check out the latest standings in the Who's That Bird contest.
Dec 8, 2010. Merry Christmas, everyone! Please bask in holiday spirit by listening to Aah Christmas Show. And then rebuke and denounce yourself.
Nov 15, 2010. I think My duck senses are tingling. Yep, they are. And that's the name of our new episode. So listen.
Oct 24, 2010. Did you know that That's not a wood pecker, Johnny? No? Well then you better listen to the episode. And check out the latest standings in the Who's That Bird contest.
Sep 14, 2010. It's the start of a new contest! Listen to episode Brood Parasite to hear round one of Who's That Bird: A-frickin' Edition. Or check out the latest standings if you can't wait to listen.
Aug 20, 2010. Can you guess where Linda's favourite hiding spot is? Yep, that's right...
Jul 27, 2010. This week we discuss the Sponge lattice ocean. Not kidding.
Jul 5, 2010. Sorry for the delay! Here's our new episode: The new adventures of old ice. I'm sure it is worth the wait.
May 19, 2010. If you're tired of listening to us, take a break by trying out our brand new Limited Appeal Slot Machine.
May 13, 2010. Did you know that Nuts are the perfect fruit? Listen and find out why.
Apr 16, 2010. Welcome to Season 5! We start the new season with some advice: Maybe you should cut that off.
Mar 9, 2010. New episode for you: If it's an episode, it's a fluke. Take a listen!
Feb 10, 2010. Have you heard about Hobo? Well, now's your chance!
Jan 20, 2010. Are you ready for Logical paradoxes and whatever? Me neither. But listen anyway.
Dec 16, 2009. Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas because Tedmas is dead. Listen and see!
Nov 18, 2009. You can stuff your Salami and sorry sandwich in a sack! Or at least listen to the episode.
Oct 27, 2009. Sit and back enjoy your Gilded sippets. Tasty!
Oct 3, 2009. Did you know that Mice like mice? It's true!
Sep 14, 2009. Get ready to Sue my neck and face. Or just listen to the episode.
Aug 26, 2009. Welcome to our Beer Parlour. Grab a cold one and listen.
Jul 25, 2009. Do you know what a Cheebra is? Listen and find out!
Jul 5, 2009. It's sad that Only the Non-Jelly Die Young. But true.
Jun 19, 2009. It's time for a Sopping Wet Experience - Limited Appeal style...
Jun 9, 2009. Ready to listen to us Crash and Burn? Here it is!
Mar 29, 2009. Welcome to the start of season 4! The episode is called The Final Round. Odd, huh?
May 25, 2009. New episode! You should listen to it with Your buddy's pal and mine (in 3D).
May 10, 2009. The face-to-face finale is now available! Episode Goats 2009: Number 3.
Apr 25, 2009. Get ready for Goats 2009: Number 2. It's smooth and creamy.
Apr 10, 2009. Welcome to our second series of face-to-face recordings. First up - Goats 2009: Number 1. Enh?
Mar 14, 2009. Listen to episode Wistful Cultural Rejection. This is our last episode of season 3!
Mar 4, 2009. We're back with another episode: Solomon Rushdee. I hope it was worth the wait.
Feb 16, 2009. Have a listen of episode Narrow pussy. It's not as bad is you'd think.
Feb 1, 2009. Get ready for episode Hallway. Or don't. One of those.
Jan 21, 2009. Get ready for The Great Book of Mules! Check out the latest contest standings - if you dare.
Jan 7, 2009. Happy new year from us! Enjoy the new year by listening to No respect for the double luge.
Dec 17, 2008. Merry Tedmas 2008 to all! We'll be off next week enjoying Tedmas. See you in two weeks.
Dec 10, 2008. We gave you number one, and now here is Sabretooth pants number two. Yummy.
Dec 3, 2008. Get ready for Sabretooth pants number one. You can probably guess what's coming next week.
Nov 24, 2008. Aah... My soothing neck and face. Relax and listen!
Nov 13, 2008. Can you please Stop swatting at those fucking bees, and listen to this episode?
Nov 5, 2008. Get ready to be In the company of Amazons. You're welcome.
Oct 28, 2008. Listen to our Halloweenie special. It's scary.
Oct 18, 2008. Do you deserve Two minutes for looking so good? Listen and find out.
Oct 8, 2008. Ever taken a Vertical crap? Well, you can at least listen to one now.
Oct 2, 2008. Have a listen to Grandma Ghanoush. Love that Ghanoush!
Sep 25, 2008. Hey! Isn't that funny? Well isn't it?
Sep 18, 2008. Can you tell me Who's scared of that waddling bird? If not, you'll have to listen to find out.
Sep 12, 2008. Now available: Non-magical drool from the cheeks... AKA Episode External drooling. Enjoy.
Sep 4, 2008. Can you name at least Ten things that are not bacon? Listen to find out if we did it!
Aug 27, 2008. After a week off, we are back with episode Acoustic attenuation via body hair. Can you believe it took us two weeks to think of this?
Aug 13, 2008. Ever wondered what is Too Clever for Luc? Well this is it! Enjoy this episode, because we're taking next week off.
Aug 7, 2008. Just Wet my beep and go! It's our new policy. So listen.
Jul 31, 2008. Enjoy a heaping pile of Porcupine poop. Or just listen to the episode.
Jul 24, 2008. Are you ready for the Genital Cuff? Me neither.
Jul 14, 2008. We're back! And we're asking the question: Whose Lacaque is this? I bet you're wondering whose it is.
Jul 3, 2008. It's time to say Bye bye afro! We're taking next week off, but we'll be back in two weeks. Don't miss us too much!
Jun 23, 2008. After a week off, we're back with episode Spermal adjective. Don't be afraid.
Jun 11, 2008. Get ready for the Brass Banana Tree. It's sure to excite!
Jun 3, 2008. Our website got a makeover! How does it look? And this week's episode is Pseudo death mode. How dramatic!
May 27, 2008. An important question: What are your boobs looking at? And coincidentally, it is also the name of our current episode. And another coincidence: new photos and a write-up of our sexy voice girl!
May 20, 2008. Join us in Making gay amends. OK?
May 13, 2008. Care for a tasty Muffcake? Me too!
May 6, 2008. Episode Leggy Gorilla is here and ready for you to listen to.
Apr 29, 2008. This episode is called What does your dog taste like?You may be offended.
Apr 23, 2008. This is episode Puss nut: a bacon extravaganza!
Apr 15, 2008. Next up: Episode Smurfectomy. It's smurf-licious!
Apr 9, 2008. Episode introduction words: Insert title here. A witty comment...
Apr 1, 2008. Enjoy our new cultural episode: Does this culture look infected to you?
Mar 25, 2008. Here is our long-awaited voyage into the world of ketchup: Duck ketchup. It's nothing if not delicious.
Mar 19, 2008. Why not listen to our Vibrating body parts? I guess there are plenty of reasons...
Mar 10, 2008. Our newest episode called Musical sucks features a brand new segment! Reason enough to listen...
Mar 4, 2008. Season 3 has begun! Please join the celebration by listening to our 100th episode: Pomerbation.
Feb 26, 2008. Listen to our season 2 finale: John's Rotten Ass! Stay tuned in early March for the start of season 3.
Feb 20, 2008. How would you like a heaping helping of Meatloaf? Yum-may!
Feb 8, 2008. Check out Meat mountain of badness. Yep, badness.
Jan 30, 2008. Episode Shoe Shackle Honeycup is now available for download.
Jan 22, 2008. Despite the ominous title, I think you'll enjoy episode Casket Glue.
Jan 15, 2008. This is episode Milky handwash. How lovely...
Jan 7, 2008. How about ringing in the New Year with a Machine Inquiry?
Dec 20, 2007. Happy holidays and Merry Tedmas (2007) to everyone! See you in 2008.
Dec 17, 2007. Please listen to Nipple dimples. It will make your nipples smile.
Dec 10, 2007. Our best episode yet: Interviews with Toast. At least one of our best episodes.... at least one of our episodes...
Dec 3, 2007. Can you tell me What's that hole in Luc's leg? No? Then listen to the episode.
Nov 26, 2007. Listen to episode Pubic fertilizer. You might be pleasantly surprised.
Nov 19, 2007. Now available: Episode Pooptube. Sorry, Daryl.
Nov 12, 2007. Episode Ringpiece. Nuff said. And don't forget to try our Word Search puzzle!
Nov 5, 2007. Now available: Episode Snake Mullet. And if that weren't enough, you can now access our brand spankin' new Word Search puzzle!
Oct 29, 2007. This week's episode is called Juice Concubine. And just in time for Halloween.
Oct 22, 2007. Now available for download: Episode Smiling balls. Please listen despite the title.
Oct 15, 2007. This is That Gorilla's Ass is Pudding #2. Yep. It's part 2. Go figure.
Oct 2, 2007. Can you believe That Gorilla's Ass is Pudding #1? Me neither. And this is just part one!
Sep 26, 2007. Please listen to You Do Have A Point; You May Have A Point. That's quite the title, huh?
Sep 19, 2007. This is episode Planter Wart Soup. It's not as bad as it sounds.
Sep 10, 2007. Episode Go Go Go is ready to be listened to. Don't disappoint it.
Sep 4, 2007. The long wait is over. Episode Ass Doozers is now available for download.
Aug 23, 2007. This week's episode is called Uternal Morning. Not sure why...
Aug 16, 2007. Listen to episode Reverse Hitler Moustache. It is educational and hilarious!
Aug 9, 2007. What are Monkey Futs? Listen and find out!
Aug 3, 2007. Could you please pass the Brown Toothpaste? Nevermind...
Jul 26, 2007. Listen to episode Ass Drippings. But just listen to it.
Jul 18, 2007. Enjoy Luc's Special Honey. It's delicious.
Jul 10, 2007. We're back from our week off! Did you miss us? If so, listen to Maple Hoofs. Or listen even if you didn't miss us.
Jun 26, 2007. Repeat after me: Hello hello. Now listen to the episode.
Jun 20, 2007. This is episode Ballsack. Ball sack!
Jun 13, 2007. Are you Cocksure enough to listen to this episode?
Jun 6, 2007. Listen to Opaque Christ. You might learn something.
May 29, 2007. An important question: What does your turtle taste like? Damn important...
May 22, 2007. Episode Moose Knuckle. Need I say more?
May 14, 2007. Are you Better than Iqbal? Then you may listen to this episode.
May 8, 2007. This is episode Talk to me, Spermy. Listen, and love it.
May 1, 2007. Would you like some Coercive peanut butter? Then listen!
Apr 24, 2007. Now available: Episode If I pick it it's super lame. John named this episode, so don't blame the rest of us. Also, check out the new pics of our sexy voice girl!
Apr 17, 2007. Attention: Episode No Please, Fucknose is now available.
Apr 9, 2007. This is episode Pubic Service. Enjoy.
Apr 2, 2007. Our most impressive episode yet: Fucking Fantasy Island is now available. Please listen.
Mar 26, 2007. This episode is called Uncle Margery's Well-Armed Finns. I guess you'll have to listen to find out why.
Mar 19, 2007. Riddle me this, Riddle Me Anus. OK, that's not how the saying goes. But listen anyway.
Mar 12, 2007. Nothing goes better with sweet and sour sauce than Cockfingers. Just 'em a try.
Mar 5, 2007. Our new episode is called Fat Fucking Squirrels. We're classing it up, wouldn't you say?
Feb 26, 2007. Our long-awaited sequel is here! Human Tails Number 2 is available for download. And check out our revamped Extras section.
Feb 19, 2007. This episode is called What's that? You're curling, I reckon. How could you not be intrigued?
Feb 12, 2007. Did you know that Luc Likes Horny Goats? Are you surprised? We're not.
Feb 5, 2007. Step right up and listen to Johnzo the Cannonball Catcher!
Jan 29, 2007. Download Floppy Sock, and then listen to it. Please?
Jan 22, 2006. Season 2 is upon us! Try out Sock Tube for starters.
Jan 15, 2007. It's our season finale: Birdie Num Num!
Jan 8, 2007. Gotta love the Milk Man. Got milk?
Jan 1, 2007. Happy New Year, everyone! Listen to Nipple Tweaker Ted to ring in the new year!
Dec 19, 2006. Have a Merry Tedmas and a joyful holiday season!
Dec 13, 2006. Listen to What's for dinner? Quorn!. It's better than it sounds!
Dec 7, 2006. A day that will live in infamy - and not just because of Nicely tanned scrotum.
Nov 29, 2006. Won't you please Lettuce in our package? We'll try not to disappoint you.
Nov 22, 2006. Believe it or not, the title of this next episode is Runescape mustard tits Pamela Anderson myspace dink. Go figure.
Nov 16, 2006. "This" episode is called Lubed up extremities. Yes, I'm not making this up.
Nov 8, 2006. Don't forget to check your Man Boob. Or at least listen to it.
Nov 1, 2006. Next up: Poppycock. Listen to it, please?
Oct 25, 2006. Watch us Bounce On Our Tail, and be amused.
Oct 19, 2006. Look closely and you'll find our Tiny Peanuts. They really pack a punch!
Oct 10, 2006. Be prepared for a Totally Gay Horror Story. We apologize.
Oct 4, 2006. While the intro has some False Enthusiasm, the rest of the episode is all genuine.
Sep 26, 2006. We recommend an aperitif before listening to Warren's Pet Otter. Aaah.
Sep 21, 2006. It's a bird... it's a plane... it's My Hero Piss Boy! Surprised?
Sep 15, 2006. Waxorama is ready for download-ster.
Sep 7, 2006. After #1, you had to know that Sweet Ass Shit #2 was coming. Please listen to it.
Aug 31, 2006. What happens when we have a face-to-face recording? Sweet Ass Shit #1. #2 will be arriving next week.
Aug 24, 2006. Put on your sunglasses and listen to Gunmetal Droppings. Please?
Aug 18, 2006. Limited Appeal welcomes the official fourth member of the group: T-bone! Also, our new episode Somewhat Oiled Machine is now available for download, featuring our new sexy voice girl!
Aug 11, 2006. So . . . feel free to listen to Hesitant Welcome. It's . . . good.
Aug 1, 2006. Be careful downloading the Shitfire. Contents are steaming hot!
Jul 22, 2006. Listen to Forensic Fashion Expert and get smarter. Or not.
Jul 15, 2006. Please forgive us by listening to Humble Reconciliation. Thank you.
Jul 6, 2006. Listen to General Offence and be offended. We are.
Jun 25, 2006. Enjoy Luc's Bubble Throat. It'll knock your socks off.
Jun 18, 2006. Got World Cup fever? Muppet Guardian will cure you.
Jun 10, 2006. Is there a God? Download Breathmint Boogie and find out the truth.
Jun 1, 2006. Here's a new episode for all you little ewoks: Ewok Two. Enjoy!
May 24, 2006. Download Episode Four Plus. It's too good to miss!
May 17, 2006. Feeling down? Why not listen to Throat Shit! It's sure to please.
May 10, 2006. Our new episode The Swearing Show is now available. Give it a fuckin' listen!
May 2, 2006. Episode Ellipse Orange would like to be downloaded. Please do not disappoint it.
Apr 23, 2006. I declare episode Sizzler Twizzler available for download. It's both sizzling and twizzler-like.
Apr 14, 2006. Don't have time for a whole episode, but you still need your Limited Appeal fix? Check out our 2-minute promo.
Apr 9, 2006. Episode Triangle Square Blue is ready for download. Yes, Triangle Square Blue. I'm not kidding.
Mar 27, 2006. Check out Episode 9. It's dynamite!
Mar 17, 2006. Happy St. Patrick's Day! To celebrate the day, feel free to download Episode 8.
Mar 9, 2006. You guessed it! Episode 7 is ready and willing to be downloaded.
Mar 3, 2006. Episode 6 has been added.
Feb 20, 2006. Episode 5 is now available. Get ready for a great smurf debate!
Feb 12, 2006. Episode 4 is in da' house! Also, Limited Appeal is now available on Click on the link and vote for us!
Feb 9, 2006. Limited Appeal is now available on iTunes. Click here for details.
Feb 4, 2006. Episode 3 is up. Our best work yet!
Jan 29, 2006. Episode 2 is available for download.
Jan 18, 2006. Limited Appeal has recorded their inaugural podcast.
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